Tips for Custom Designing a Kitchen That Will Never Go Out Of Style

While custom home building provides you with the opportunity to construct your dream house, some people overlook how relevant their home design will be after a few decades. And since the kitchen is one of the most frequently renovated spaces in a house, it is advisable to focus on designing the room with the aim of having it age in place for the long term. This article expounds on a few tips that can help you and your home builders custom design a kitchen that will never go out of style.

Focus on accessibility with your cabinetry

In years past, cabinets were merely used for basic storage and were placed haphazardly in the kitchen. Nowadays, it is prudent to focus on making your cabinetry as accessible as possible to diminish clutter and increase the functionality of the space. Firstly, you could consider open cabinetry, especially if your custom kitchen is not as spacious as you would want it to be. The open design adds a sense of airiness to the space and makes the kitchen seem large. Another design trick is to opt for pullout shelving in your cabinetry. Instead of having items crammed at the back of the cabinets out of reach, pullout shelving ensures you can always access whatever you need without the cabinets going into disarray.

Focus on relevance with your fixtures and appliances

There are multiple ways that your fixtures and appliances can influence your overall range of capabilities while in the kitchen. Therefore, instead of settling for conventional design, you should consider ways of tweaking your kitchen to suit your needs. For example, while most kitchens tend to have a single faucet over the sink, you should contemplate having your home builders install a tap mounted over your cooktop so that you can fill your pots without having to walk to the main sink. If you plan to have a dishwasher in your kitchen, have the custom home builder construct an elevated platform for this appliance, which will make it simpler for you to load your dishes. Lastly, opt for appliances that come with unique features, such as an oven with an automatic shutoff, for enhanced peace of mind.

Focus on maximising illumination

Lighting is crucial for the kitchen. So instead of being heavily reliant on artificial lighting, you should make the most of the naturally available light when constructing the space. An excellent choice to consider is clerestory windows that will let in as much light as possible, without you having to worry about opening and closing these windows. Additionally, install glass splashbacks over your counters so that they can reflect all the light available. Lastly, task lighting right below cabinetry is imperative for brighter work surfaces.

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