Safety Tips to Follow When Performing Diamond Core Drilling Tasks

Core drilling is a construction process which involves the removing cylindrical pieces of material from the concrete. In diamond core drilling, the drill bit is made of diamond, which is the toughest drilling material, and therefore the most effective. If you are looking for a fast and reliable way to make holes onto a concrete surface, getting a drill with a diamond bit is the way to go because of benefits such as an improved speed of performance, safety, accuracy and the ability to drill through various surfaces. However, there are certain safety tips that you should always follow when performing the tasks.

Insist in the proper safety clothing

People usually reason that because a construction seems simple and uncomplicated, it is okay to just performs it quickly without wearing protective clothes. While you might be lucky to successfully complete the operation, in case something went wrong, your safety would come down to what you were wearing when the drilling was taking place. Therefore, protect your feet, hands, head eyes, nose and ears with the proper gear before you lift that drill bit.

Do not do it alone

When the drilling job seems simple and straightforward, you will be tempted to finish it up on your own, whether you are handling it professionally or as a DIY. However, it is dangerous to be alone at a construction site and trying to operate a core drilling machine alone is just recipe for disaster. At least ensure that there is a person on site to help in case the drilling process goes wrong.

Deal with the dust properly

Diamond bit drilling is known to create a lot of concrete dust, which can be create respiratory system problems. When drilling, make sure a lot of water is poured onto the site to soak up the dust. alternatively, make sure that the drill is fitted with a dust collection system which will control the amount of dust which is released into the atmosphere. Finally, always cover the nose to avoid breathing any residual dust.

The success of a drilling operation depends on the safety regulations which you apply to the entire process. Note that buying or leasing the right equipment is a crucial safety prerequisite. Make sure that you have the proper safety gear, you use the right drilling techniques and if a process seems too complicated, avoid DIY and let the professionals handle it.

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