Five Reasons Pine Framing Lasts Longer

Pine framing is an economical choice for many homeowners. It's easy to work with, and it can be cut, sanded, and finished to look like more expensive wood. It is also extremely durable. Here are five reasons why pine framing lasts longer.

1. Pine Framing Is Not As Likely To Crack Or Split

Pine framing is far less susceptible to cracking or splitting than other types of Australian wood because it's not as dense as hardwoods like beech or cedar. The wood is softer and more flexible, which means it doesn't experience as much stress when exposed to the elements. As such, it has fewer pockets for water and moisture to get trapped in — which is what causes these splits and cracks to form in the first place! This makes it much easier to maintain your home without worrying about major repairs down the road.

2. Pine Framing Has A Lower Water Content

Pine framing is made from wood that contains high levels of resin, which makes the wood resistant to water damage. If you live in a humid climate or near the ocean, then you'll want to choose pine framing over other types of wood.

3. Pine Framing Holds Paint Well

Pine has a tight grain structure that makes it absorb paint better than other types of wood. This means that your home will last longer and look better with fewer coats of paint and refreshes over the years. 

4. Pine Framing Has Natural Protection

The natural oils in pine prevent warping over time, and they also make it more resistant to pests and other wood-destroying organisms. Pine framing also doesn't need any special treatment before it's installed in your home. You can install it without worrying about having to treat it with chemicals or sealants before installation.

5. Pine Framing Is More Stable

Pine framing lasts longer because it has greater dimensional stability than other types of wood used in cabinetry, furniture, and other woodworking projects — especially if you use kiln-dried lumber. This means that even though pine framing may shrink slightly when exposed to moisture during construction (this is normal), it won't shrink as much as other types of wood over time or when exposed to different conditions like humidity or temperature changes.

Because pine framing comes from a renewable resource, you won't have any guilt about using it in your home. Chat with a contractor today about your next home improvement project. They can help you decide which type of framing is right for your needs and budget, whether it's pine or another type of wood. For more information on pine framing, contact a professional near you.

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