A Guide On Commercial Refrigeration Maintenance And Repair

Commercial refrigeration systems are used by businesses in the food, pharmaceutical, retail, logistics, and catering industries to keep products cool and avoid spoilage. Commercial refrigeration systems have a similar working mechanism as your home's standard refrigerator or freezer. A refrigerant cools the equipment to the set temperature. However, they differ in size since they can accommodate large volumes of products. Besides, some are fully portable units, while others are walk-in rooms. 

People who own commercial refrigeration systems sometimes experience operating issues since they do not know how to maintain the systems or when the refrigeration systems need repairs. Therefore, they often incur hefty expenses and downtime when refrigeration systems break down. Nevertheless, this should not be your case if you read this explosive article on commercial refrigeration system maintenance and repair. 

Commercial Refrigeration System Maintenance 

The user manual gives valuable insights into maintaining the refrigeration system and ensuring optimal working conditions. Most commercial refrigeration systems have their doors opened and closed numerous times a day. Therefore, the seals around the door are likely to wear out at a higher rate than those of a standard fridge. The easiest way to test the seals is to place a piece of paper or note in the door frame. If you can pull it when the door is locked, the seals are worn out. Replace these seals to restore the refrigerator's operating mechanism.  

The refrigerator should be clean at all times. Besides cleaning the interior, clean the condenser unit to get rid of dirt and dust on the condenser coils and fins that could prevent the system from functioning optimally. The rule is to use a vacuum when cleaning the condenser coils. You should also test the thermostat to ensure it is functional. If not, ask a professional to replace or repair it. Finally, do not overstock the refrigeration unit. If you do, the condenser overworks beyond its specified limits. As a result, it could get damaged. 

Commercial Refrigeration System Repair 

When does your commercial refrigeration system need repairs? Well, you should call in a professional when you identify variations in the system's functionality. For instance, you could notice unusual frosting, defective motors, a damaged thermostat, product spoilage, or increased energy consumption. Some people will look for DIY hacks to repair the system. However, this is not advisable at all. 

Most manufacturers have strict warranty terms. Ideally, customers who opt for DIY repairs risk voiding their warranty. Besides, oversights during your DIY repair could lead to chronic issues. For instance, you could forget to reinstall vital components and end up spoiling the condenser unit. Hire a professional to repair the system. If the system needs new parts, use the manufacturer-recommended parts for optimal performance. Finally, create a maintenance schedule to avoid regular breakdowns.

For more information on commercial refrigeration repair, contact a professional near you.

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