How to Rekindle the Shopping Experience in Your Bricks and Mortar Store

Most people were forced to purchase many of their goods online during the recent pandemic-induced lockdown. However, many missed the experience of entering a physical store and getting involved in the experience of actually "buying." So if you own such a store, there is every reason to be optimistic as things gradually get back to normal, but how can you enhance what you have to make it even more attractive? How can you be ready for the upcoming surge?


You don't need any research to confirm just how much fun it is to wander around in a well-designed store so you can touch, see and smell everything, test products out or try them on. In many respects, real-world shopping is a sensory experience in and of itself and can help you enjoy a new product even more so than you otherwise would.

It's All About the Environment

However, you must create the right environment and showcase your products as professionally and creatively as possible. You need to take into account many factors as you set this all up and bring in shop fit-out experts to help you with your targets.

Through the Door

To begin with, focus on the entrance. After all, those tills will not ring unless you can entice people in those first few seconds. A cluttered or disorganised entranceway may put some off and won't really tell prospects about the treasures inside.

Targeted Lighting

You will also need to use lighting creatively and depending on the nature of your offering. If you are selling trendy, "must-have" and dynamic products, you've really got to focus on target lighting, backlighting, colours and special effects. If you have a speciality store, a food market or a DIY establishment, you may need to be more clinical, with bright lighting or spots, so your customers can read the labels and search for what they need in a busy environment.

Back to Nature

Wherever possible, think about getting close to nature. Sustainability is a huge buzzword these days, and strategic use of plants could make your environment feel natural while reducing stress levels and improving air equality at the same time. This may give your shoppers that "feelgood" feeling that encourages them to stay and buy more.

Tech Savvy

Remember, you will also need to use technology to make the shopping experience easier and more secure and should incorporate new tech into your store design.


As you focus on rebuilding your clientele and getting your product line in shape, entrust the fit-out work to experts. Reach out to a retail fitout company for their guidance.

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