Could a Birdcage Help You with Your Ceiling Work?

If you have a commercial property with a large indoor, uninterrupted space and are looking to renovate, you may have to carry out a lot of work on the ceiling. Alternatively, you may want to introduce a false ceiling so that you can run air conditioning or other utilities in the space above, and, either way, you're looking at quite an extensive job. But how can you access the ceiling area efficiently and safely to get the job done correctly and in a reasonable amount of time?

Introducing the Birdcage

In a situation like this, you will need to bring in a contractor who can install a scaffolding known as a "birdcage." As the name implies, the scaffolding will form the appearance of a cage at elevation and, once installed, can create a platform across the entire footprint. This will allow contractors to work easily and safely to install your new false ceiling or repair the existing one.

How It Is Installed

This is quite an intricate installation, and it could have several rows of standards (or uprights) that are connected by layers of transoms and ledgers (or the tubes that form the lattice design). Ladders will be attached to the frame of the cage so that the contractors can easily reach the working platform.

Careful Design

It's important to design these birdcage scaffolds properly, and depending on the size, they may also need to be braced properly to withstand the vertical load. The structure may also need to be built to accommodate horizontal pressures and any tendency to sway laterally, especially when work is proceeding apace.

Practical and Flexible Option

Even though your facility may be very spacious and the ceiling is a long way above the ground, birdcage scaffolding can still work for you. After all, it is possible to reach virtually any height by simply adding additional layers (or lifts). Furthermore, the scaffolding can be installed quickly and easily by a competent crew and can just as easily be removed when all the work is complete.

By the way, it is also possible to install a birdcage outside, and additional measures will be put in place to deal with any threat from the elements.

Bringing in the Experts

Reach out to your local scaffolding expert for advice. They will take a look at the space, calculate your needs and plan your installation. You will then have something less to worry about so that you can focus on the larger renovation picture.

Contact a scaffolding hire service near you to learn more.

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