Three reasons your company should use marine transport

Have ever had that irritating experience when you have tried to ship goods by air and had to split the load because there was insufficient space on the aeroplane? Even worse is the situation that can often occur when you need to move heavy machinery or any other large object. The process of stripping down the machinery so that it will fit into the aeroplane can be time-consuming and must be repeated at the other end of the journey, adding substantially to the costs involved in the shipment. Fortunately, there is a practical alternative to air transport. Marine transport is a reliable option and has numerous advantages when compared to air transport. Here are three more reasons to use marine transport next time you want to move something overseas.

No weight limits

While air transport may be the first option you consider for moving freight, it is often the most expensive option. Marine transport is often considerably cheaper and just as reliable. When transporting goods by air, space is always limited, and this pushes the costs higher, making it impractically expensive for many types of shipment. Cargo ships generally have much more available space onboard, and shipping costs are lower. Unlike air transport, there are not the weight or size limits that can cause so much inconvenience for exporters. Marine transport gives you the option of moving whatever you want, in whatever way you want.

Better for smaller shipments

Sometimes, it's not that you have a shipment that is too big, but one that is too small. Marine transport gives you the option of using a freight forwarding company to combine your shipment with smaller shipments from other companies to create one large shipment. This approach can save you money, compared to shipping your items individually.

Safely tracked routes

As an exporter, you must know where your shipment is and when it will reach the destination. Knowing when it arrives allows you to notify your team at the destination so that they are ready to collect the delivery and send it on its onward journey. Using marine transport entails using standard shipping routes that let you track the cargo throughout the route, and let you know when it reaches the port. Marine transport offers complete peace of mind from the start to the end of the journey.

To find out more about what marine transport could offer your business, speak to your local marine transport company.

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