Common Carport Questions Answered

Carport builders get asked a lot of questions by people curious about the process but worried about certain issues they have. You may be surprised to learn that you have a fairly common concern that carport builders get all the time. Not to worry, however, as it is good you ask questions before jumping in headfirst. It is never a bad thing to be more educated on a topic. Here are a few common questions that you will see from people looking to get a carport but want to be absolutely sure before putting their money into it.

How Customised Can I Make My Carport?

Carport builders have made structures in every shape, colour and size imaginable. People want their carport to be unique, and that is an understandable wish. After all, you are the one who will live with it for the foreseeable future, so why not have it custom made to your desires? Integrating a carport into the structure of your home with smart colour coordination and clever placement of support beams can really add a lot to the overall aesthetic of your home. If that sounds like something you would prefer over a regular carport kit that is just assembled for you, then discuss it with your carport builders before work begins. 

How Tall Should It Be?

The simple answer is as tall as your biggest vehicle is. There are carports of every height imaginable, and many truck depots have a similar version of carports to keep their vehicles safe. The real question here is where do you have the space available for a tall carport, and that is something you can determine on your own. If there is nowhere near your home (due to trees or other obstructions), then consider having an externally located carport that is a few metres away. You don't want your home to look crowded with too many different distractions directly in front of your door. A stand-alone carport can look just as neat as an adjacent one.

How Much Does It Cost?

Carports vary in price from extremely cheap kits you can get on your own to kits that cost tens of thousands of dollars for the upper echelon. The biggest price change is when you upgrade from a single carport to a dual or multi-carport. For a quality single carport that will last the test of time, you should be looking at a bit over $1,500 while for multi-carports you can find good value in the $2-2,500 mark. Remember, if you buy a cheap carport, it will likely break down more quickly, meaning you have to pay more to fix or upgrade it anyway. Get a good, solid carport from quality carport builders and it will last a lifetime. 

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