No Wall, No Problem

A new kitchen sounds like an exciting prospect. Only until the renovation contractor arrives, and you realise just how much work involved. It can also be a serious spending spree considering that you'll have a lot of things that need to be bought or hired ranging from skip bins to new kitchen appliances. It's easy to get lost in all the planning.

That's probably why the thought of changing to an open plan layout for your kitchen is yet to cross your mind. Read ahead and find out why it's such a good idea.


Considering the kind of transformation that an open plan kitchen layout will help to achieve, it cannot be more affordable. In its simplest form, it might only involve deconstructing a section of one wall within the kitchen to open it up to an adjacent room, then plastering and smoothing edges of the cut-out section.

No other kitchen renovation exercise can probably have such a transformational effect on your kitchen at the same cost.

Space and More Space

Space is often a limiting factor in many kitchen renovation projects. You might be forced up to give up new appliances or even your preferred choice of kitchen cabinetry because there's not enough space in your kitchen area.

Switching to an open plan layout will not use up any space within your kitchen area. Rather, it will make your kitchen area feel bigger than it really is. How far we can see is often an indication of how spacious a room is for the human mind.

The open plan kitchen layout allows you to see further into the adjacent room, thereby making you feel like your kitchen area is more spacious when, in reality, you haven't added any space to it.


If you intend to keep your renovation costs to a bare minimum, then the open plan kitchen layout is for you.

There are no new appliances to be bought and no new fixtures to be installed around the kitchen area. You will not have to interfere with your kitchen drainage system, and you will not have to mess with kitchen flooring.

All you need is a reputable kitchen renovation contractor, some plastering material, and perhaps a tub of paint. This will help you achieve a nicely designed kitchen.

That having been said, what is your excuse for not having an open plan layout in your kitchen once you're done renovating?

For more information, contact a local renovation contractor. 

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