Tips for Designing a Built-In Wardrobe for Your Master

If you're building a home, constructing built-in wardrobes is a better option as compared to using the portable ones. Built-in wardrobes have a cleaner look, help maximise on space and can be custom-constructed to fit the available space. As you consider this option, here are a few design tips to help you build a functional closet for your master bedroom.

Create a Partition for Shared Wardrobe

Will you be sharing your closet with your partner? If so, it's crucial to create a noticeable partition to ensure organisation. Have separate spaces for you and the other person so you can quickly locate your pieces and avoid clutter in the wardrobe. Partitioning the space also ensures that each person gets the right storage systems based on the kind of clothes they have. For example, men tend to have more trousers and require less space for long hangs as compared to women.

Hangers vs. Drawers

As you design your space, think about whether you need more hangers or drawers. The types of clothes you have will help you choose. For example, if you have more dresses, dress shirts and coats, your closet will be more practical if you have more hanging space. Design with the right hang length in mind, depending on the length of your pieces as well.

That said, you cannot ignore drawers and shelves and the benefits they come with. Most tees, shorts and trousers are best folded, and you need drawer space for this as well. Ensure you have enough space on all types of storage for your clothes and accessories.

Think About Closet Ergonomics

As you design your built-in master wardrobe, have ergonomics in mind. You want to maximise the use of the closet; thus, build it with ergonomics in mind. Here are a few tips to make the wardrobe fully functional and efficient:

  • Place shelves at eye level for easy accessibility of everyday pieces.
  • Place hinged doors at the middle and sliding drawers are the sides.
  • Install regularly used sliding drawers at the bottom for a clean look.
  • Have a few drawers at the top for seasonal and less-used items.

As you build the wardrobe, account for extra storage as well. Since the space is customised to fit the available space, you may not be able to modify it in the future. Thus, measure closet with your future storage needs in mind.

Have these design tips in mind when constructing your master wardrobe. An experienced contractor can help you design and build the perfect custom wardrobe for your current and future storage needs.

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If you're building a home, constructing built-in wardrobes is a better option as compared to using the portable ones. Built-in wardrobes have a cleane