Safety Recommendations For Scaffolding

Scaffolding is a staple of any construction site, but if correct procedures are not followed, then there is a potential for workers and others on-site to sustain accidents and injuries. Below are a few tips for those looking to make sure there scaffolding is safe and secure.

Proper Training

It is often a requirement that those working on or around scaffolding are to be educated in how the scaffolding has been designed and to further train employees in the correct use of scaffolding during operation.  Such training will also teach employees what to do in the event of emergencies, such as someone slipping from the scaffolding or someone being hit from above, and how to take preventative measures to ensure that no one will be harmed.

As with any industry, be sure to get a license. Being unregulated and unlicensed can put your own workers at risk, so make sure to conduct the proper background checks.

Regular Inspections

Scaffolding should always be properly inspected before being put into use. Pay attention to weather conditions, as heavy rain can cause the surface of scaffolding to become a slip hazard.  Make sure that the base is properly secured to the ground, and make sure that the floor is perfectly level. Also, be sure to remove any obstructions that other workers may have put on the scaffolding, such as wires, tools, or equipment.

Install Guard Rails & Wear Protective Equipment

While it might seem like a no-brainer to wear protective equipment, some might feel more relaxed when there are other safety measures such as guard rails installed. Make sure that you and your employees still wear protective gear, as there is always the possibility that one might topple over the rail or that the rail is not securely fastened. Always be sure to wear protective headgear when atop scaffolding.

Furthermore, make sure to install guard rails on the scaffolding. It is recommended to also install guard rails on the building-facing side. Installing guard rails is particularly important for high-standing scaffolding, and is often a requirement.

Load Capacity & Bracing

When installing scaffolding for a project, consider the amount of weight that the scaffolding will be under, both during construction and setup, as overloaded scaffolding is often one of the top causes for injuries related to scaffolding.  During construction, it is important to take note of the maximum limit of people atop the scaffolding and to check if equipment might be causing it to overload. While it might be faster to overload the scaffolding, it considerably increases the chance for an accident to occur.

It is also important to make sure that the scaffolding has secure bracing to a building or that it is fully attached to the building. It is important to regularly check that the bracing is properly secured. There are a host of different locking options to brace the scaffolding accordingly.

For more information on scaffolding, contact a construction company.

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