Three Reasons Why Winter Is The Perfect Time For A New Fence

When winter arrives and temperatures drop, many people use the cold as an excuse to hide inside with a warm fire and a good book. However, winter is actually the perfect time for some projects to be completed outside the house. As someone who wants to get a new fence installed before summer arrives so that your family is secure while playing outside, winter rather than spring is the perfect time to have this task done. Here are three reasons why:

Contractor Availability

During spring and summer, it is a struggle to engage a good contractor. This is because once the temperature warms up, homeowners begin thinking about all the things that need to be done around the home before the prime days of outdoor entertaining arrive. You might have to wait four to six weeks to nab any available time from a reputable contractor. However, winter is traditionally an easier time to find an available contractor. Funnily enough, the weather in Australia over the winter is usually more stable and sunny than when you are competing with the violent summer storms, and that means your new fence can be built with fewer interruptions. Therefore, getting a fence built now means it likely gets done in line with your timetable rather than having to wait until the fence contractor is free.

Minimal Garden Disruption

Pulling out an old fence and installing a new one means you likely need to disturb plants in your garden. If you delay installing the fence until spring, then you are competing against plants which are waking out of winter dormancy and are starting to grow again. Your chances of damaging the plants during the spring are much higher than if you do the work in winter. If it becomes necessary to move plants to make room for the new fence, then their current lack of growth activity means they can be replanted with a minimal chance of them going into shock.

Enjoyment In Spring

Get the fence installed now and it will be finished in a week or two. That means when everybody else is stressing about engaging a local fence contractor to get a new fence before summer, you already have the fence in place and you can concentrate on other aspects of your garden that need love when warmth returns, such as mulching the garden beds and fertilizing your plants.

As you can see, now is the perfect time to contact a fencing contractor to finalise plans for the new fence you need, so don't delay making that initial contact phone call.

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