Understanding Cooling Towers

Cooling towers were invented for the purpose of providing cooled water that is used in air-conditioning, generation of electric power, and manufacturing. Their job is to recycle water that could be wasted, and today they save a high percentage of water. They have a positive impact on the environment and the bottom lines of companies that have cooling towers. If you are thinking of having them installed, you should know more about them so that you will know exactly what to you're getting into. Here is some information to help you understand them better:

How Cooling Towers Work

Cooling towers function through a process of heat transfer that is able to efficiently cool the cycled water so it can be used again. Hot water coming from the chiller will go near the cooling tower and then it will be sprayed on the huge surface area of the fill. The cool air will enter from beneath the fill and then it will be suctioned, passing through the fill, and then to the tower fan. The fill then becomes a transfer surface, while hot water droplets will be moved to the air that rises from beneath the fill. After that, hot water from the system is ejected, exiting through the fan. The cool water will then go to the pump so it can be recycled back and straight into the process of heat exchange.

Natural Draft

Natural draft cooling towers have natural a convection so that there is air circulation in the tower and water will be cooled. Warm and moist water will move above the dry and cooler air to make air flow constant. These towers use the natural process and cost less to run, but they have to be placed outdoors.

Mechanical Draft

The mechanical draft cooling towers utilise a couple of mechanical methods to provide air circulation in the tower by using propeller or centrifugal fans. Towers that use this draft have more flexibility compared to the natural draft one. They can be inside the building and can regulate air flow. The drawback is that they are more expensive than other systems.

System Maintenance

The fans, belts, motors and gears should be cleaned, adjusted or replaced if they are already worn out. The electrical components like wires and capacitors should be checked or replaced if necessary.

This is the most basic information you need to know about cooling towers that will help you if you want to have them installed. Call a company like Marley Flow Control Pty Ltd for help in installing your new industrial cooling towers today.

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