Options for Upgrading Your Residential Marine Construction

When you bought your waterfront home, it likely came with the standard pier and possibly a boat dock. This setup has worked for you, but you might want an upgrade soon. This type of marine construction renovation and remodel needs the help of a professional in order to ensure the integrity of the finished dock and pier. Here are some of the options to consider for your marine upgrade before talking to residential marine contractors.

Multi-Purpose Docks

Your current boat dock may be limited to just docking your boat. There are several ways to upgrade the dock without a huge amount of space requirements or construction tasks. Your marine contractor can create a boat dock that is covered, has a seating area and allows you to fish from the dock. This can give you multiple uses for the boat dock throughout the year. It also gives you a space to entertain small groups when the boat is in use and out on the water. This allows you to have some people on the boat while others stay behind, leaving both groups to enjoy the day.

Floating Dock

You might be concerned with your dock if you live in an area that receives severe storms and waves. One option for an upgrade is to remove the current dock and go with a floating dock instead. The floating dock works with different water and tide levels. It will rise and fall with the tides easily and without causing damage to the dock overtime. There is also the benefit of floating docks working well with uneven shorelines. If you are in an area that is heavily hit by storms during different seasons, the floating dock can also come in modular options that allow you to take up the dock and store it until after the storm.

Seating Areas

You may have the boat dock that you want and the floating dock that you like. What you may not have is the seating area to enjoy it. If this is the case, you can have a marine contractor construct seating areas that are built into your current marine area. This seating area can offer storage for cushions as well as lighting for nighttime seating. You can also add built-in fire pits and other options for year round entertaining. If you want an added feature, you can have the seating areas covered as well.

Once you have narrowed down the upgrades you want, you can contact residential marine contractors from a company like The Jetty Specialist. They can help with pricing, ideas and designs that can improve the quality of your current marine construction. Once you have settled on the different options and upgrades you want, they will schedule an appointment to start construction.

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