Here's How to Find a Quality Land Surveyor

Do you need to establish the boundaries of a property for ownership transfer or to resolve a boundary dispute? If so, you're in need of land surveying services. Before you choose just any professional to perform your survey, you should know that not all land surveyors are the same. 

Here are a few important tips to follow to ensure you choose the right professional to do your land survey. 

Check Qualifications

Land surveying is a complex job that requires a high level of skill to do properly. It is for this reason that many states require that the job should only be done by licensed professionals.  Once you've done your research and found prospective candidates, you should visit your state's board of professional land surveyors' website to see who's licensed and who's not. Disregard any unlicensed "surveyors".

Find Out About the Technologies Employed

Complex jobs require sophisticated technologies to do easily. Land survey technologies have come a long way since the days when measuring tapes, theodolites, and a level and rod were the go-to instruments of surveying land. 

These days, modern equipment like GPS equipment, 3D laser scanners and rotary laser levels has changed the way land surveying work is done for the better. Your land surveyor should demonstrate their commitment to keep up with the latest and most advanced technologies and equipment available on the market.

Consider Level of Experience 

Professional land surveyors can take on a variety of projects. You should hire a surveyor who is experienced in the specific type of service you're seeking. This will ensure the best results possible, as the surveyor will bring insight from similar projects they've handled in the past to your project. Ask you surveyor for references to see if their past clients are satisfied with their services. A reputable land surveyor shouldn't shy away from honouring this request.

Ask About Quality Control

How does a prospective candidate check their work for accuracy? Ask the surveyor what they do to ensure their work is correct. Their answers should include compliance with industry and professional standards, compliance with client-mandated standards, use of advanced technologies and so on.

Without a doubt, the cost of a service is also an important consideration, but you shouldn't make a decision solely based on it. Get quotes from a few potential candidates, and settle for the surveyor that fulfills the above-discussed criteria and offers the best rates.

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