5 Reasons Why Building Contractors Go For Tilt-Up Construction

Tilt-up panels are slabs of concrete that are poured onto a construction job site. These panels are raised to form the exterior walls of the building. Building contractors use tilt-up construction to design most commercial buildings. This type of construction has many advantages over steel buildings and that is why most contractors prefer using it. The following are some of the advantages of tilt-up construction.

1. Low Construction Costs

Tilt-up construction helps the contractors to save a lot on the construction costs. This is because the raw materials used are produced locally. The contractors do not need to wait for the materials to be manufactured or shipped in. This means that the materials cost less because they are not prone to fluctuation in price and they are readily available. Tilt-up construction does not need a large workforce, which this means there are low labour costs. If you want to save up a lot when constructing, you should consider this type of construction.

2. Construction Is fast

Construction using tilt-up panels is done quickly and you will have your building ready for use in no time. This is because erecting the walls using the panels is much easier. The workers can start their project early because the materials are readily available and therefore they are not affected by delays in transportation. With these, you can have a flexible schedule that you can follow.

3. Durability and Maintenance

Tilt-up buildings last for a long period of time. You can find structures that were built years back with tilt-up panels still operating. This is because these buildings are not prone to earthquakes because of the strength of this construction. These buildings require little maintenance over time. Their surfaces are resistant to mechanical damage and they are not easily destroyed by insects or rodents. The design of these buildings offers easy repairs and you can expand your building with ease whenever you want to.

4. Safety

In tilt-up construction, workers first pour slab onto their working surface. This provides a safe working environment for the workers. Most of the work takes place on the ground so that the workers are not prone to many accidents.

5. Aesthetics

A Tilt-up building is designed according to a client's preferences. There is a variety of building finishes, wall textures and colours from which a client can choose from. Tilt-up construction offers the contractors flexibility in constructing a building that is appealing to their client.

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