How to Save Money on Landscaping for Your New Home

If you've recently purchased your first home, you may need to now think about all the landscaping that you'll want to add outside that house. Attractive landscaping features will improve your property's curb appeal, and help to make you feel welcomed every time you arrive at your new home. To ensure you don't go over budget while adding landscaping to your new home, note a few tips on how to save money on the supplies and items you need for your property.

Use flowering shrubs

Shrubs can add lots of greenery to your property, creating some separation between the home and yard. Flowers add colour and texture to the space. To save money on both of these landscaping features, buy and plant flowering shrubs. Opt for hibiscus or lilac bushes, as these provide both greenery and flowers, or you can plant forsythia for fun pops of colour. 

You can also plant flowering vines at the base of a home's fence so that the vines grow through and fill out its mesh, adding both greenery and flowers to the border of your property. Look for morning glories or wisteria for bright and bold colours. 

Use river rocks for borders and pavers

It's good to add a border to the front of shrubbery and flowerbeds to keep these features separated from the lawn. Pavers or pathways also add visual interest to your property and make it easier to walk around the space and enjoy the view. 

However, many types of borders and pavers can be expensive, so consider using river rocks versus stone or poured concrete. You can tamp down a line of river rocks to create a nice border in front of your landscaping features or to create a level and even walking surface, saving you money while creating lots of visual interest in your yard.

Buy in phases

Adding landscaping to your new property in phases allows you to spread out your spending over several months or even a few years; this also allows you to buy items when they're in season or on sale. You can also take your time to plan your landscaping and note if you actually even need more features, after you've planted your first few shrubs or flowers. You may add some landscaping features to your property and then realize that those features are more than enough to create a welcoming and inviting space; in turn, you may not even need the added landscaping features you would otherwise buy.

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