Are Roller Shutters Safe For Doors?

When selecting the kind of door you want for your business, you must first think about security before anything else. Aesthetics and customization are just as important, but security tops the list of priorities. Are you wondering whether to put roller shutters on your premises? Here are reasons why they are a safe option.


Rollers shutters are private because they do not have any spaces to look through them. As such, they provide privacy for your business premises. When you do not want the public eye shining on your daily activities, you can just pull down the roller shutters and go on with your day. When you close shop and go home, the roller shutters provide a sense of privacy and secrecy for your workspace. Intruders tend to break into shops and businesses that they can see into even when they are closed.


The solid nature of roller shutters make them hard to break into. In comparison to other options such as glass, roller shutters would take a lot of effort and force to break down. This also means that it would produce a lot of noise, which is bound to attract the attention of neighbours and the police. This is something most intruders would avoid. When the roller shutters are electrically controlled, it makes them even harder to break into because there are no loop holes through which to manipulate the doors.

Have sensors and alarms

Most electrically controlled roller shutters are connected to sensors and alarms as well. Therefore, when the roller shutters are forced open, the alarms would go off immediately, notifying the security providing company and the police as well. Some roller shutters have sensors, which would make the doors stop moving immediately when they sense unusual operation. In this case, the intruder will either be frightened away or caught up in the space left before the roller shutters stopped moving.

Air Tight

Roller shutters keep every other thing out of your business premises. This includes insects, rodents, stray animals, and weather elements. There is little to no space left between the roller shutters and the walls, floor or ceiling; therefore nothing can pass or crawl through to the inside of your business premises. Roller shutters also prevent strong sunshine, heavy rain, wind, snow and hailstorms from making their way into your space and possibly damaging the contents held there. Since roller shutters are heavy, they cannot be unhinged by winds.

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