3 Upgrades to Consider for a Verandah with More Curb Appeal

Your verandah is a place that allows you to escape, relax and enjoy time with your friends and families outdoors. Overtime the verandah may lose some kerb appeal. If you are trying to upgrade the kerb appeal of the veranda, as well as the comfort value, there are some steps you can take. Here are three upgrades to consider for a verandah with more kerb appeal.

Upgrade Columns

A typical verandah has columns that are made of timber or a metal material. If you want to upgrade this look, you may be thinking of just painting the columns. There are other options including resurfacing the columns. One way to do this is to encase the bottom of the columns with stone to give a more rustic look. You can also upgrade the columns from a basic wood material to a full stone or metal. This simple upgrade can upgrade the kerb appeal and give you a totally different look to your verandah.

Solar Lighted Verandah

Lighting is something that can update the look of your kerb appeal and give you a more enjoyable nighttime gathering experience. The problem is you may not want electrical wires showing and running outside. If you still want the lighting, that is more than a wall sconce, then you can go with solar lighting. A solar lighted verandah can actually use the roof overhang to house the solar panels. The solar panels can then run to the lighting along the eave of the roof. This hides any wires and allows you to have full lighting at night. You can also have decorative lighting that is solar.

Climbing Plants

If you want a kerb appeal upgrade for your verandah that also provides some privacy you can go with climbing plants. You can choose to go with ivy or a similar option. These can run directly from the ground and vine up over the verandah to form walls. You will need a trellis or some type of support for the vines. Keep in mind, these will offer a kerb appeal and lush green natural privacy screen during the blooming months. During the winter months you may need to maintain the area to keep it from looking unkempt.

There are many other upgrades you can consider for a verandah with more kerb appeal. If you are interested in moving forward with these upgrades, consider visiting your garden department or home improvement store. If you want to make major changes and upgrades, consider contacting a contractor for estimates.

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