The Safety Of Toughened Glass Pool Fencing

While a toughened glass pool fence encloses a pool area, it does not create a fenced-in feeling. Because you can see right through the glass, your vision is not limited, and the vista is not ruined. This is a big plus, but are glass pool fences safe? Will they break easily, and what happens when they do?

How Toughened Glass Becomes Tough

Toughened glass begins life as a standard type of glass, but it goes through a special treatment making it robust and sturdy. One of two different treatments is used to toughen glass: either a thermal or chemical treatment. A thermal treatment involves the glass being heated to high temperatures, then quickly cooled. Alternatively, glass is submerged in particular chemicals that are known to toughen it.

Toughened glass is so sturdy that it is measured and cut to size before undergoing the hardening process. If the glass is to be used to make a pool fence, for example, it is cut into the required pieces first.

Why Toughened Glass Is Safe For Pool Fencing

Toughened glass is safe for pool fencing because it is so robust that it will only break under extreme force. Also, if the hardened glass does break, it does so in a particular way that makes it safer. While standard glass splinters into sharp shards that endanger anyone standing nearby, toughened glass disintegrates into small blunt pieces that are unlikely to wound any bystanders. Of course in the case of pool fencing, this would mean the pool is unfenced so you should replace it immediately.

Other Safety Issues

Glass pool fences need to be a specific height consistent with the local regulations, as well as installed with a self-closing gate. Make sure no nearby trees or objects provide a makeshift ladder for someone to jump the fence.

Colour Treated Toughened Glass

Toughened glass can undergo an additional treatment to colour it various shades, helping it to blend the pool fence into the surrounding environment. For example, the grey tones of the nearby patio could be repeated in the pool fence, visually unifying them. Alternatively, you could pick up the colours of nature from the surrounding greenery and flowers.

Glass pool fencing is a perfectly safe and attractive way to protect your pool area. Tried and tested toughening methods make it unlikely to break, but if it does, it will do so in a benign way. On top of that, it won't ruin your view.

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