Commercial Trailer Tips: Practical Guidelines for Safe Construction Load Haulage

Commercial trailers are ideal for handling construction materials, tools and equipment. Therefore, if you are looking for a convenient method to transport essential supplies to and from your worksite, you should think about hiring a trailer. If you choose the right unit, you will be able to haul a range of loads while managing the cost of the project. In addition, you will not need an expert to handle your trailer. However, it is important to note that using a trailer to move heavy construction loads can be challenging and potentially hazardous. Therefore, if you are planning on using a hired trailer to meet your transportation needs, you should use the tips outlined below to promote safety.

Check Your Tyre Pressure

You should examine the trailer tyre pressure before hauling your construction materials. In general, the trailer will be responsible for supporting substantial weight. If the tyres are not properly inflated, the weight will not be supported properly for a smooth journey. You should note that under- and over-inflated tyres will be more unstable, increasing the risk of accidents. In addition, incorrect tyre pressure can increase the consumption of fuel when towing. Therefore, you should check the recommended pressure levels for your trailer and load. Adjust the pressure before beginning your transportation for optimal performance.

Inspect the Trailer Brakes

Commercial trailers designed for handling heavy loads must be fitted with separate brakes to ensure safety on the road. If the trailer braking system is absent, the main towing vehicle brakes will experience mechanical stress due to the strain of the heavy weight. In addition, the stopping distance will be longer, compromising the safety of the driver and other road users. Therefore, you should make sure that your brakes are functioning as expected. Ideally, you should perform visual checks and tests before loading your trailer for transportation. You should also note that brakes come with a battery for actuation if the trailer breaks away accidentally. You should ensure that the battery is powered.

Limit Your Load Weight

Finally, you should limit the total weight of your construction load to the optimal levels for the optimal performance of both your trailer and the tow vehicle. In simple terms, you should remember that construction materials and other supplies often have a high density. Therefore, a low-volume load might actually be quite heavy. It is important to always check the weight of your load and make a comparison with the weight rating of the entire rig to ensure road safety.

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