3 Essentials that Homeowners want from HVAC Systems

Nowadays, homeowners want unique solutions to cooling and heating requirements in their homes as opposed to the one-size-fits-all solutions that most contractors offer. The dynamism in the construction industry is to blame, and technological advancement is the catalyst for change. Moreover, homeowners change their minds every so often that regarding heating and cooling needs.

Despite the changes, the best thing you can do as an HVAC contractor is to understand the latest developments in the industry. The knowledge will help you to discern what clients with clarity. This article provides insights into what contemporary homeowners want in HVAC systems.


Although homeowners might have an existing air conditioning system, it is common to find some of them complaining that one or two rooms are hotter or colder than the rest. In most cases, it is usually the garage or the attic. To solve the problem, you can propose the purchase of a bigger air conditioner to take care of the entire household's cooling needs. However, the solution is expensive if you consider the price of a new AC system and installation costs.

A better solution is to purchase a mini-split HVAC system specifically for the affected rooms. The advantage of a mini-split HVAC system is that it does not require ducts, which eliminates the possibility of leakages and energy loss. The efficiency of mini-split HVAC systems is ideal for cooling or heating up to two rooms with relative ease.

Long-lasting Parts 

Homeowners with air conditioners that were manufactured a little over a decade ago complain of having to replace certain spare components a couple of times over the service life of AC system. The breakdown can be attributed to the fact that older AC systems have a single-stage compressor. When the AC comes on, it has to run on full blast until optimal temperature is achieved as dictated by the thermostat, which puts a lot of strain on the system.

Emerging designs feature a motor fan that runs at variable speeds. When turned on, the fan rotates at various controlled speeds until the desired temperature is reached. It allows the AC system to run without straining too much. Consequently, homeowners spend less on heating and cooling needs.

Sectional Cooling 

Homeowners are always looking for ways to lower utility bills; however traditional ACs seems to work against the goal since control of the systems is not centralised. Nonetheless, sectional cooling in modern HVAC systems offers a reprieve. In this case, homeowners can control the heating and cooling requirements of each room separately which saves cost. To learn more about sectional cooling, contact air conditioning contractors.

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