End of Lease Cleaning: What's a Bond Back Guarantee?

If you've come to the end of your lease and are planning on moving out of your home, then you'll need to clean the property up. If you are short on time or want a professional cleaning job done, then you may be looking at getting in end of lease cleaners. These companies specialise in cleaning properties to a high level when tenants move out.

As you start to investigate suitable cleaners, you'll notice that some of them offer a service that guarantees that you'll get your bond back. How does this work?

What Is End of Lease Cleaning?

End of lease cleaning is basically a deep clean that goes above and beyond regular cleaning services. As well as general cleaning tasks, like hoovering, dusting and wiping down surfaces, an end of lease clean also targets areas that aren't always regularly cleaned. This is kind of a souped-up spring clean.

For example, your end of lease cleaners will do all the basics, plus, they may wash non-carpeted floors, walls and baseboards and clean blinds, windows, door knobs and light fittings. Your bathroom will get a thorough clean as will your kitchen and any cooker and appliances that belong to the property. Typically, end of lease cleaners will also clean inside cupboards, wardrobes and storage units.

What Is a Bond Guarantee?

As a tenant you have a responsibility to leave your home in a reasonably clean condition. Giving the property a professional end of lease deep clean usually helps you tick bond release boxes. Your landlord or letting agent shouldn't be able to withhold part of your bond on a cleaning basis if the property has been professionally cleaned.

However, if your landlord were to try to withhold part or all of your bond because the property wasn't clean enough, then using an end of lease cleaner with a bond guarantee should help you get your money back. Cleaners that offer these kinds of guarantees usually commit to coming back into the property if the landlord says that something hasn't been cleaned and re-cleaning it free of charge. This should be enough to remove any cleaning objections your landlord may have.

It's a good idea to check out exactly what an end of lease cleaning company will do in your home before you hire one. Not all companies offer the same services. Plus, additional cleaning needs may count as extras. For example, if you have committed to having your carpets steam cleaned because your landlord has allowed you to keep pets in your home, then you may have to add this as an additional task in your end of lease cleaning if it doesn't come as standard.

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