Timber Framing Trends that Newbie Contractors should Expect

You have talked to friends and investment advisors, and you are convinced that timber contracting is the right business to get into right now. However, before you jump in, you need to realise that using timber framing as the main selling point will get you clients, but only for a short period. The reason is that homeowners are always on the lookout for the next big thing regarding home construction. Therefore, it is fundamental that construction firms keep abreast with timber framing trends. This article gives insight on some of the latest timber framing trends.

Wooden High-Rises -- Steel framing has dominated high-rise building construction for decades, and rightly so because the material's structural strength is unrivalled. However, the trend is changing, since the Australian building regulation codes now allow for timber-framed buildings to go as high as eight storeys. This can be attributed to technological advancements in enhancing the structural strength of the timber. The best part about timber-framed high-rise construction is that construction firms are bound to save up to 15% on total cost when compared to steel framing. The reduced costs have in turn have opened up avenues for building design and innovation, which gives homeowners the freedom to customise designs according to unique needs. 

Increased Structures in Reactive Clay Sites -- For years, Australia has been experiencing a decline in "A" class sites due to the influx of population. This can be attributed to ease of accessibility to public transport systems and other established amenities. As a result, potential homeowners have no option but to build homes on reactive clay sites. The downside of building on clay sites is that substantial foundation work is necessary to guarantee the structural stability of brick-and-mortar houses. This makes owning a home a costly undertaking. Homes with timber wall frames, however, offer a reprieve to homeowners, as the cost of preparing stable footings is considerably low. Homeowners do not have to worry about ground movement because timber-framed homes are light. Consequently, timber framing has become common in most reactive clay sites in the country.

New Binders -- Ensuring stability on timber-framed skyscrapers presents a different challenge to construction firms than doing the same on high-rise structures. With buildings going as high as 30 storeys, the need for a binding material that exceeds current strength capabilities has never been more urgent. Scientists are on the verge of coming up with an organic, 'glue-like' binder that promises to improve the structural strength of the timber. It will allow construction of wood framed skyscrapers without spending too much time or money on structural strength.

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