What to Do When the Contour Report Isn't What You Expected

There are two things that you must get before you start building on any piece of land: the soil tests and the contour report. The contour report is what tells you about the gradient and slope of the land, and whether it will be advisable to build on the area as it is or make changes are needed. Most people think that a contour survey is just a formality and they will get approval to proceed with their plans. But what happens when the report warns against proceeding with the construction? Below are a few tips to help you navigate such a crisis.

Determine additional excavation costs

When building on a sloped lot, more work will be needed to level out the foundation to the home. if the area is rocky, you could also need specialised excavation tools designed for the rough terrain. The process of making an uneven slope suitable for a house will take more time and often, it will also need more time to prepare.

Understand drainage plans

If it rains and the right measures were not taken to protect the foundation, it may start getting damaged, especially if your property is on a drastic slope. Therefore, invest in building materials and techniques which stem the flow of water, and preserve the foundation, all which might come at a slightly higher cost. When assessing the area, make sure that it is not prone to mudslides—if water gets under the foundation during a mudslide, one bad rain storm could send your entire home sliding.

Consider installing retaining walls

When building on a sloped ground, you will have to think about adding a number of retaining walls to serve both as an art and a functional part of strengthening the home. The great thing about these walls is you can get a landscaping expert to build these walls for you and they will use them to give the home real curb appeal.

The great thing about building on sloped areas is that they always end up with the most beautiful, scenic landscapes to look out to in the morning. It also means that you have to be creative with the building plans, which basically improves the home's aesthetic appeal. It is vital to make sure that the contour survey and the recommendations are offered by an expert as this will help you avoid mistakes which could  cause losses and damages.

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