How to Add Style to Your Veranda with a Unique Awning

An awning over a veranda or deck outside your home can obviously provide shade from hot summertime sun, as well as shelter from a light rain. This allows you to enjoy your outdoor space even when the weather is not ideal. 

However, a unique awning can also add style to your veranda or deck, and to the home's exterior walls. Note a few tips on how to add this style with something unique when it comes to the awning you choose, and then discuss your options with an awning installer as needed.

Consider Metal

Many metal awnings are made of lightweight aluminium and are given a scalloped edge for a traditional look and style. These awnings may also be painted a simple white, or given wide vertical stripes of colour.  

To get away from this traditional look, choose a more unique metal than aluminium, and opt for a colour other than white. For example, burnished copper has a very deep and rich look, and can be left plain and unpainted. Black metal awnings also make a very strong statement, especially against a crisp white home exterior. You might also avoid a traditional scalloped edge and choose a metal awning with a straight edge, for something modern and sleek.

Consider Glass

Glass awnings are a good choice for something unique and original, as glass can be fabricated into any shape. You might choose a handmade glass awning with a curved edge, or have the glass curved upwards for a unique look. Since glass can be painted any colour, choose a bright blue, sea foam green, or any shade for the awning that would complement your home's exterior or coordinate with your patio furniture.

Consider hardware and frames

Awnings are typically affixed to a home's exterior with metal arms or brackets, and you can add style to your new awnings by choosing something oversized and very decorative. Opt for brackets that are cut into a scrolling pattern, or that curve upward along the awning edge. This hardware can also typically be painted any colour, so you can choose a bold red or black to stand out against your white home, or keep the silver of the aluminium or steel exposed for something more modern and industrial. 

Do the same for an awning's actual framework; opt for bold and oversized metal pieces, and have those pieces painted in a colour that contrasts the awning itself. This will help those pieces to stand out and will create an attractive centrepiece for your home's patio area.

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