Which Carport Is Right for Your Home?

Do you need somewhere to keep your car? Whether your garage is currently in use or there isn't one available, finding someone to install a carport can resolve your storage problems. Alongside giving your car more protection against adverse weather, they help make the exterior of your property look tidy. Before you decide which one to buy, it's worth understanding the benefits of different types.

If you need ease of use, try a polycarbonate carport

In many cases, you can erect a polycarbonate carport as a freestanding structure. Having such flexibility is ideal when you need to make use of an area that isn't directly adjacent to your home. As a weatherproof material that works well alongside aluminium frames, polycarbonate is great for those who need to attach a carport to a building with an uneven structure. Finally, you can build on yours at a later date, allowing you to expand the area you dedicate to your car.

Achieve excellent aesthetic appeal with timber

Would you like to embellish the outside of your property and erect a functional structure at the same time? Timber carports are ideal for those who prefer traditional looks. When you turn to wood, you also have the option of painting it at a later date, allowing you to evolve the way it looks with any other changes you make to your home's exterior. If you want your installation to serve multiple purposes, timber is an ideal material for workshops, personal gyms and more.

Opt for PVC when you're on a budget

If you want to experience the benefits of a carport but you're on a tight budget, consider PVC. As a robust material that's easy to clean, it's excellent for cost-effective carports that don't require much maintenance. However, it's worth knowing that PVC tends to warp with the sun over time. As such, you may need to replace it faster than other materials.

Steel that's galvanised

If you want to attain a luxury look that features bright and vibrant colours, consider steel that's galvanised. With a powder coating, you can choose classic greens, startling reds and more. Steel is also incredibly weather resistant and ideal for recycling if the need to do so arises.

Before hiring someone to install your carport, make sure you research the benefits of each material and how it will work with your home. If you need further advice, ask a professional what's worked for them in the past

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