Ways to Make Your Carpet Cleaning Last Longer

Is your carpet in need of some tender love and care? When you pay for a carpet cleaning service, you need to do what it takes to make the results last longer. From the vibrant look to the fresh smells, you can prolong the life of your next cleaning session with a few simple tips.

Don't neglect the vacuum

Although you may think you vacuum on a regular basis, there's a chance you're not doing it as often as you should. You need to vacuum every day that you're in your home. Dust and mites gather easily, which means you need to stay consistent to stop an insidious layer of dirt gathering.

Take steps towards keeping dirt away

From asking guests to remove their shoes when they enter your house to ensuring pets remain in a designated space, you need to take steps towards keeping dirt away. Take a moment to consider the potential sources of dirt that will enter your property. After making a list of them, determine a way to minimise the impact they could have on your carpet.

Add a stain-tackling kit to your cleaning arsenal

The stains your carpet encounters will only sink in if you give them a chance to. Unfortunately, if you need to make trips to the store every time an accident happens, your stain will benefit from prime sinking in time. Aside from an everyday stain remover, you should include:

  • Odour busting products for food and beverage spillages
  • White vinegar to lighten stains that sink into the carpet
  • Ammonia for busting dark colours, such as red wine

Before using any product, make sure you read the instructions and avoid blending it with other products.

Clean air ducts and other high-dust areas regularly

Your home features areas that you don't look at or use often, but they gather dust frequently. Take a look behind televisions and sofas once a month and remove any dust. Additionally, check your HVAC air duct once every two months and clean it. You should also consider replacing the filter according to the manufacturer's instructions. When you remove dust from high-volume areas, you reduce the chances of it blowing onto your carpet and causing musty smells.

Ideally, you should hire a professional carpet cleaner once every six months. With regular cleaning, you can prolong its overall lifespan and reduce your chances of having an allergic response to mites. When you take steps towards prolonging your cleaner's efforts, you won't have to hire one too frequently. 

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