4 Insights for Painting a Commercial Property

If you own or manage a commercial property, then it is imperative to protect and maintain your investment. For example, when you need to paint the building, you need to hire the services of a professional commercial painter. Such painters use their skills and experience to apply appealing finishes for exterior and interior paint jobs. Here are some insights for a successful paint job project.

Why Paint a Commercial Property? -- First impressions are crucial regarding the attraction of new tenants. Also, quality paint jobs can help landlords to establish fruitful and long-term relationships with their tenants. For example, expert painters agree that painting interior spaces is a cost-effective way of motivating old tenants to stay because it changes how people perceive spaces.

The Durability of Paint Finish -- Paint finishes are classified on a scale that ranges from flat to glossy, with the latter having more shine than the former. Interior walls that require spot-cleaning and scrubbing should be painted with glossy finishes. Therefore, such bright paints are ideal for interior surfaces that experience high traffic, such as reception area and corridors. Furthermore, spaces that encounter heavy daily wear and tear such as restaurants and public washrooms require glossy or semi-gloss paints. Flat paint finishes are hard to clean because any form of scrubbing will remove the paint from the walls. Flat paints are suitable for commercial areas that don't see a decent volume of traffic, like executive offices and boardrooms.

Type of Products for Commercial Painting Project -- The move towards energy-efficient paints in commercial properties implies that property owners must follow specific standards to realise environmental and financial benefits. For example, reflective colours for metal and tile roofs have a renewable lifespan of at least 12 to 15 years. Also, such paints reflect most of the sun's radiation while being environmentally friendly. Most commercial colours used in Australia meet national and international standards. Such paints are safe for indoor use because they do not have powerful noxious smells, and they don't cause allergic reactions.

Consider Painting in the Low Season -- Commercial property owners can benefit from reduced cost of a paint job by undertaking the project during the low season. Property owners and managers must not fall into the trap of getting quotes during the peak season. Notably, it is not a good idea to paint a commercial property when tenants are around, since you risk inconveniencing them. 

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