The easy way to improve your tennis game

Playing tennis is a great way to keep fit. It allows you to combine regular exercise with a fun and social activity. The one drawback which prevents many prospective tennis players from playing more is the need to find a local tennis court. Often, courts are located some distance away and need to be booked in advance, so a spontaneous game when a free hour becomes available is rarely a possibility.

The perfect solution

Instead of struggling to the local tennis courts and waiting in line for one to become available so your match can begin, why not contact your local tennis court builders and hire them to create a tennis court on your property.

A tennis court construction at your home can not only make it easier for you to play the game you love but can actually add value so that when it is time to sell your property, you will be able to ask for a higher price.

What will your new tennis court look like?

Your tennis court builders will explain that there are lots of ways you can personalize your new tennis court and make it unique to your home, but the one feature that you must get right is the surface of the court. It is the surface of the court that will affect every match you play, and if you get it wrong, then the enjoyment you get from your new court will be greatly lessened. Be sure to talk to the builder about your options.

Clay or grass?

On the professional tennis circuit there are two main types of court surface; grass and clay. Unless you are a professional player you will probably not want a genuine clay surface as these tend to be extremely high maintenance. Synthetic clay is a popular choice and can offer a similar ball bounce to real clay.

If you want to simulate grass in your tennis court construction then your tennis court builders will probably suggest a form of polypropylene. You will need to think about the amount of sand you want to include in the grass construction. Higher quantities of sand will be better at preventing the fibres flattening, but will also require regular brushing to prevent the sand getting in the players shoes and all over the court.

Whichever court surface you choose it's important that you choose something that is sufficient hard-wearing to last through many years of service.

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