4 Things You Should Do ASAP After Buying a New Home

There are many things that you should do after buying a home. However, the list might be a bit overwhelming. Here are four things, however, that you should definitely do once you've bought a home.

Change the Locks

As an easy and common thing to forget, changing your locks before you move into your new home should be at the top of your to-do list. If you want to put it off or just not do it at all in order to save a bit of cash, consider the creepier possibilities for a moment. Even if the people who you bought your new home from seem trustworthy, people have evolved to be great actors, and you can't be sure who they gave keys to, or even if they changed the locks after buying the house themselves!

Meet Your Neighbours

Though it may seem cliché or inconvenient, getting to know your neighbours when you first move in will probably save you a lot of trouble in the long run. If you don't drop by to say hey and maybe ask for a phone number, they may see you as antisocial and try to avoid you. But why don't they have to make the first move? They have the excuse of not noticing someone new moving in, so the burden usually falls on the newcomer. Most people like to play social chess these days and avoid interactions, but the truth is that a quick introduction will likely quell most fears, doubts, and potential future conflicts, while adding new connections to the safety net of the neighbourhood unit.

Survey the Property

Despite a growing number of people in Australia putting it off to save on costs, not hiring a surveying service to check your property before you buy it is usually just procrastination in disguise. But, if you fall into this group, there's still time to repent your irrational frugality. If you leave getting a border survey done for too long, your neighbours could see it as a sign of distrust or greed for example, as you could end up with more land at their cost, or the ability to subdivide in the future, for example. Therefore, the only time to hire land surveyors that is better than before you buy a property is just after you buy it. Regardless, Surveying before finalising a property purchase is always ideal.

Change the Hot Water Temperature

Most Australians seem to have their hot water systems set to pump out water far too hot for any adult, let alone children. So, if you want to save some money and protect your kids' skin, have the members of your family test the hot water while you dial the temperature down on your hot water heater. Dial it down until it isn't too hot by itself (with the cold water tap off), then turn it up a bit higher so the water will still feel warm during a cold winter or after travelling to the further parts of your home if you think it's necessary. There is absolutely zero reason to have your hot water heater pumping out water that is too hot for anyone to touch.

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